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Bone Town: An Odyssey of Honor By John E. Hoover

A western story of promise, of adventure, and of a dead man's gold. This story takes place around the turn of the century, and spans the far west from Yuma, Arizona Territory, to Bandera, Texas, and on into the heart of old Mexico. One man's life, one man's adventure, but a story for the world...

Bone Town: An Odyssey of Honor By John E. Hoover

Introduction Written By James Drury of "The Virginian"

"John Hoover Captures The Reader From The First Page..."

James Drury, The Virginian"It is a great thrill to come across a fine new talent in the western novel. John Hoover creates in Bone Town a story that is compelling in its imagery, both of the real world and the world of imagination. The characters are finely drawn and each character, even the smallest, is important to the story. Nathan Black, the reluctant hero has a core of integrity that informs us of the triumph of good over evil, and captures the reader from the first page. You feel the sweat and the strain, and the bone-numbing, back breaking effort of his odyssey of honor, every step of the way. The dream sequences are fascinating and are woven like a soft blanket around the story itself, augmenting and embellishing our understanding. The horse training sequences are as real, true and palpable as the fine dust rising in a round corral. The fine strain of romance is lovely in its simplicity and inevitability. Bone Town took me out of myself and into the lives of it's characters and allowed me to share their hopes and dreams. There is no higher praise."
~ James Drury, Houston, TX - May 2012

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Bone Town: An Odyssey of Honor by John E. Hoover
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